Is It Time to Give Up Trying to Fill a Job Opening?

ID-10082397It’s not uncommon to struggle with filling a position for so long that you begin to lose hope you will ever find a decent candidate. While you’re not rushing the hiring process, you’re still not making any apparent headway. In this situation, it’s important not to give up, but instead consider whether your tactics are to blame. It’s possible that with a shift in your hiring tactics, you might find an applicant who is perfect for the job.

Five Tips to Jump Start a Stalled Recruitment Process

  1. Re-Evaluate Your Hiring Criteria. It’s possible that your hiring criteria – the experience and skills you’re seeking may be limiting your results more than you realize.
  2. Revise Your Job Description.If you examine your job posting and revise it slightly, you may find that candidates you haven’t interviewed just might apply. Poorly written job descriptions can turn off potential applicants or even attract the wrong individuals to your job opening.
  3. Find Out About Your Company’s Reputation. If the word on the street is that your company isn’t great to work for, that won’t bring applicants. You want to know what the public is saying and if you have to, make changes that candidates can appreciate.
  4. Consider an Applicant Who Can Be Trained.If you’ve been focusing on the experience of your applicants and have come away frustrated and unable to find someone with the exact qualifications, don’t give up. This is where you might want to hire an individual who may not have the exact qualifications but who shows strong potential for training.
  5. Hire a Staffing Agency to Find Candidates.A staffing agency has access to a large number of job seekers with a wide range of skills. Agencies focus on screening processes and can often think outside the box when it comes to applicant recruitment. These professionals might find candidates that your tactics aren’t reaching.

If you’re not ready to give up on hiring the right employee to fill your vacant position, we can help match applicants to your open position. Contact us today.

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Are Your Interview Processes Actually Helping Bad Applicants?

interview processInterviews can be a great tool when you want to learn about an applicant’s skills, personality and goals. But, if you’re not careful, utilizing the wrong kind of interview questions and methods can make bad applicants look like your next star. Here is how to tell if you interview processes are actually helping poor applicants and hurting your business.

Processes that Might Give Bad Candidates an Edge

  • Unstructured Interviews.When you have a certain goal in mind – like having specific information that you want to obtain – an unstructured interview may not be the best choice. For some applicants, this type of interview can help them cultivate likeability and camouflage a lack of skill or experience.
  • Multiple Choice Skills Tests. In some cases, hiring managers use skills tests as part of an interview to determine if an applicant’s skill level is appropriate.  If you’re using a multiple-choice skills test though, there are individuals who can pass them with flying colors and still not have the personality or likeability necessary to work in a collaborative environment.
  • Group Interviews. There are situations where group interviews are appropriate, but these are tricky to manage. Group interviews can be stressful for applicants and can throw them far enough outside their comfort zone that even the most qualified of applicants is distracted and wondering if they’re being judged by not only the interviewer, but by everyone else in the room.

Improving Your Hiring Processes

Ideally you should be using structured interviewsto help you weed out poor applicants. Focused questions are much more likely to help you determine which candidate is right for the job.

If you’re looking for help in creating the appropriate structured interview for a specific position, reach out to the professionals at ADAM Personnel  for some advice.  We can help you tailor questions to get the information and results you desire from your interviews.

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How to Tell if Your Temp Will Work Out In the Long Term

long term employemnetYou’ve hired a temporary employee and he or she seems like a great fit for the company. But just because they are amazing they will stay that way as soon as you make them permanent. Sometimes the best temporary of temporary employees can turn into a bad seed that causes problems. Here are a few characteristics to look for when you’re trying to find out if your temp will be a good long-term hire.

Characteristics of a Good Temp to Long-Term Employee

  • The Temporary Employee Takes on Additional Duties. A temporary employee knows that their position is limited, and because of that, some don’t easily take on duties other than those that have been assigned. A temporary employee with aspirations to be a long-term employee is eager to take on new responsibilities.
  • Your Temporary Employee Pays Attention to Detail. Whether an employee is a temp or not, there are those who don’t pay enough attention to details. A temporary employee who wants to be part of the team will likely pay strong attention to detail and work to get the little things right too.
  • Your Temporary Employee Comes in Early and Stays Late.  This one plays into the temporary employee taking on additional duties. A temporary employee with aspirations of long-term employment with your company may be the one who comes in early and stays late, completing high-quality work.
  • Your Temporary Employee Gets Along Well With Others.  Sometimes it’s not all about a temporary employee’s performance. A good prospect for long term employment gets along well with your other employees and meshes well with your corporate culture.

It’s also important to note that the better the agency you use to find a temp-to-hire, the more likely you are to have a good potential full timer. If you’re looking for a help in finding temporary employees that could transition into long-term employees, contact us at ADAM Personnel.

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Ways to Clean Out Your Social Media Profiles When Job Hunting

job huntingMore than ever, hiring managers are turning to the Internet, and specifically social media, to see what they can learn about potential applicants. That’s why it is important to be sure that your social media profiles reflect positively on you.  Luckily, there are a few things you can do to clean up your social media presence and help you advance your career.

Four Steps to Clean Up Your Online Presence

  1. Change Your Profile Picture and Eliminate Unprofessional Content. This is important. If your Facebook profile photo is less than professional, find a different photo to use. Delete embarrassing or unprofessional content.
  2. Use Facebook’s Activity Log.  This feature allows you to monitor content that friends have tagged you in and allows you to choose whether or not it is visible to others on your profile.
  3. Keep Some Information Public. It may be tempting to put all but your LinkedIn profile set to private, but that sends up a different set of red flags than if you miss an incriminating photograph or have an unprofessional “About Me” section. Use these sections to back up your qualifications and show some personality. If recruiters find nothing when they search, they’ll begin to wonder what you’re hiding.
  4. Review All of  Your Social Media. Even if you haven’t used that Myspace account you signed up for so many years ago, you’ll want to take a look at that content and clean it up as well. Even if you don’t use all of your social media accounts on a regular basis, it’s still important to know what it says about you.

If you’re starting a job search or have been in the middle of one and need a little guidance, contact the professionals at ADAM Personnel today.

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3 Ways to Tell That You Made a Bad Hire

Bad HiringThere’s nothing worse than making a bad hire — except maybe keeping them on despite their inability to perform their expected duties to your satisfaction. Sometimes it’s easy to tell when you’ve hired the wrong person, but there are times when it’s a little tougher.

Did You Make a Bad Hire? Here’s How to Tell.

  1. Your new employee makes the same mistakes over and over again.It’s easy to write it off when a new hire seems to keep making the same mistake. After all, they’re new, right? But a good employee actively works to not make mistakes after they’ve been told how things should be done, once a mistake happens. A bad hire continues to make the same mistake – either not paying attention, or not caring that they’re making a mistake.
  2. This particular employee ignores the boundary between work resources and personal use. Many employees use a computer to do at least a portion of their work, and for individuals who frequently check social media, it can be a challenge not to use work computers for personal reasons. If you’ve warned an employee about their social media use during non-break times and the behavior continues, you’ve made a bad hire.
  3. Attendance issues become a regular occurrence.If a new employee gets to work late and you have issues with their timekeeping early on, you’ll likely continue to have those problems.

Steps to Remove a Bad Hire

If you’ve made a bad hire, you can take steps to remove them from your organization.

  1. Document conversations about their behavior. Each time there is a problem and each time you speak to them, it’s important to create documentation and keep it in the personnel file. If you’ve set up a plan to change behaviors or for your employee to improve their work, you’ll want to document that too, including the consequences that will occur if changes are not made.
  2. Make sure everyone involved signs and has copies of those documents. This creates a paper trail showing that you’ve tried to work with the employee to improve conditions.
  3. Set clear goals and expectations.  If you’ve made a bad hire then chances are that they will fail there, giving you clear reasons for letting the bad hire go.

If you are struggling with finding quality candidates, consider turning to a staffing agency for help.

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