How Hiring Managers Search Through Your Social Media Pages

Social media is everywhere and everyone is using it, but necessarily for the same reasons. ID-10090133As a jobseeker, you’ve probably heard it: what you post on social media can hurt your job search. Hiring managers are turning to the Internet to research potential employees and many sources point to those profiles as offering up reasons not to hire candidates.

 What Hiring Managers are Looking For:

  • Your online portrayal. If they hire you, managers know that you’ll reflect on them, so the way you’re represented online is important. They’ll look for your own posts as well as images and posts that you’re tagged in.
  • Professional qualifications.  Although you’ve laid out your experience in your resume, employers look for recommendations, portfolios and credentials online. Public recommendations from those you’ve worked can be important.

Tips to Keep Your Social Media from Affecting Your Job Search

  • Know where your information is available.  Google yourself and see what others might find, in addition to the sites you remember signing up for and use frequently.
  • Avoid posting provocative photographs.  Sure, your vacation with your closest friends was fun, but if the partying got out of hand, avoid advertising that with images and social media posts. While you’re at it, you might want to limit the number of selfies you post. These things all go toward your online portrayal, which can reflect on your future employer later down the line.
  • Say nothing about past employers and coworkers. Badmouthing those you’ve worked with or worked for is one of the best ways to lose a potential job. Your attitude toward them and how you display it is something hiring managers seriously consider when vetting candidates.

To get your job search started quickly, use the Internet to find open positions. Find databases of open positions, like the one maintained by ADAM Personnel and work through those to find your perfect position.

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Dealing with a Bad Seed: Why You Need to Get Rid of Bad Employees Quickly

A bad attitude, poor performance or a poor fit with the company’s culture – if employees ID-10076018show any of these attributes, it can be dangerous to keep them in your company. A bad employee hurts your company by slowing production or affecting the quality of your product. The worst kind of bad employee causes problems for the people they work with, their managers and sometimes even customers.  If you’ve hired someone and have begun to see these attributes, it’s essential that you remove them from your company quickly.

Protect Your Company from Bad Seeds with These Steps

  • Vet potential hires carefully. At the interview stage, let a non-supervisory employee spend time with your prospective hire and ask different questions than you’ve asked. These questions should be designed to show the candidate’s personality.
  • When you see problems, bring them up quickly and be specific. In addition to having face-to-face meetings with less-than-ideal employees to discuss the problems, managers should put the issues in writing – specifically noting the problem and violations of company policies or standards, when it comes to dealing with customers. After the meeting, have employees sign a summary of the meeting and the suggested plan of action.
  • If you plan to fire an employee, don’t drag it out. First of all, have the discussion early in the week. When you fire them, walk your former employee out of the office immediately following your conversation. Have them meet you after hours to clean out their desk.

The easiest way to protect against bad employees is not to hire them on at all. By this, we mean that companies should engage the services of a temp-to-hireagency, which allows you to bring in a new employee, see how they fit with your organization and then easily dismiss them if they do not work out. For information on how such an agency can help, contact the professionals at ADAM Personnel today.

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Advantages to Training Employees for Specific Positions

If you’ve ever gotten into the situation where your internal recruiting, social media and traditional advertising of an open position has failedthen you know it can be frustrating. This can be true especially after several months when you need a position filled.

When this happens, one of the best things you can do is change you approach to hiring. employee trainingInstead of trying to find a person to fit a specific set of criteria, look for a great applicant who may not have all the necessary skills but who can be trained to perform to have them. This may sound like a lot more work, and in some ways it is, but when you consider all of the lost revenue that is a direct result of not having the position filled, taking this approach makes a lot of business sense.

Advantages to Training Employees for Specific Skills

  • You’ll Know Your Employee is Properly Trained. When you take the time to teach an employee new skills and show them exactly how you want tasks completed, they are more likely to do the task the way you want it done. You’ll know that your employee knows the proper way to complete a task.
  • You’ll Fill the Position More Quickly.  If you’ve exhausted all of your advertising avenues, it’s likely that the position has been filled for longer than you’d like it to have been open. By abandoning the mindset that you’re looking for an employee with every required skill, you may find that someone you thought wasn’t qualified enough can be taught the necessary skills to perform those duties.
  • Your New Employee May Feel Greater Loyalty. When employees know that they are valued and see that their employer is taking the time to train them, it helps build loyalty. People want to stay where they feel they and their work are valued, and training an employee to do a job that’s new to them can show that.

 If you’ve tried everything and haven’t found a solidapplicant with the skills you need, reach out to agencies like ADAM Personnelfor help in finding the right candidate.

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Want to Improve Your Job Search? Then Make Sure to Mind Your Manners

The workplace has changed quite a bit over the past decade. With the advances in technology, communication is faster and easier, and this has led to shifts in the way people act toward one another. When it comes to applying for jobs, an applicant can have the perfect skill set and experience, but if their manners aren’t up to par, they could stand out from other applicants in the worst way. Here are a few pointers that can show your manners and set you apart.

Etiquette Tips to Employ in Your Job Search

  • Take the Time to Write a Personalized Cover Letter. Perhaps one of the easiestjob search ways to get applications out is to fire off electronic resumes. But, this isn’t the best idea. Taking the time to write a personalized cover letter gives the human resources department and recruiters an idea of your motivations and even your personality. A generic cover letter makes you look like a generic applicant.
  • Be Punctual. Punctuality is extremely important in the job search. The people you’re interviewing with are busy and have many demands on their time. Respect that by being on time and not wasting theirs.
  • Pay Attention. This should go without saying, but focus on your interview. Turn off electronic devices before you go into the interview so you’re not distracted by them.  When your mind wanders, interviewers can tell.
  • Send a Thank You Note. Email has made communication more immediate, but nothing beats a handwritten note, because it tells the recipient that you’ve taken the time to put thought into your actions and want to show your appreciation for their consideration.

If you’re looking for a job and need guidance on how to conduct your search, don’t hesitate to reach out to the experts atADAM Personnel.

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Three Tips to Bring More Structure to Your Interview Process

Unstructured interviews have a very casual feel to them. They are good for putting candidates at ease, but critics say that they’re not truly effective. Many answers from unstructured interviews tend to be irrelevant as questions move from useful questions about the job into those that are more designed to show off a candidate’s personality. If you’re not getting the results you want from unstructured interviews, perhaps it’s time to switch gears. Here are a few tips to help you bring consistency to your interviews.

Three Tips to Bring Structure to Your Interview Process

  • Plan Out Competency-based Questions Ahead of Time. This type of question interview-processtypically illustrates how your candidates handle themselves in specific situations. These questions can help you to see what interviewees might do in multiple situations.
  • Ask Every Candidate the Same Questions. This is important. If you’re interviewing several people for a single position, consistency in questioning gives you a better basis for comparison. If two people apply for the same position and applicant A gets the job and applicant B finds out that they were asked different questions, then applicant B is left wondering if they would have gotten the job if they had been asked the same questions as applicant A.
  • Conduct Multiple Interviews in One Appointment. When you have a candidate talk to several of your managers in addition to interviewing with human resources, more can be learned about them than if they were just interviewed once. Make sure each interviewer is asking questions that measure different things. For example, human resources can interview for personality and cultural fit, while the person who would end up managing the applicant can interview for skills and competency.

If you’re having trouble finding solid applicants to interview, then reach out to ADAM Personnel. We can help hone in on the right candidate for whatever position you are trying to fill.

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