How to Get a Temp Up to Speed As Quickly As Possible

4597079038_b0b3d11d41_zWhen you have a new temporary employee, you want them to be able to jump right in and get to work.There is always a learning curve that you have to deal with, however. Here are a few tips to help you ensure that your temporary employee hits the ground running and gets up to speed quickly.

Help Your Temps Jump Right In With These Tips:

  • Have a new hire kit ready to go. This kit can explain their new position and who the key personnel that they should know are.
  • Have their workspace cleared and stocked with supplies they might need.This will save your temp employee some time since they won’t have to be scrambling to find supplies and clear clutter off of the desk.
  • Keep the lines of communication open.  If you encourage employees to ask for help when they need it or to ask questions when they have them, it’ll help them to work more efficiently.
  • Introduce them to the team and ensure that introduction goes both ways.  Include explanations of roles, experience and help that the team members and temps might need during the temporary employee’s tenure.
  • Make sure to explain not just what a temp’s duties are, but why they are doing it.  If they understand the impact of their duties, it’s easier to fully engage in and enjoy their work.
  • Teach them to find answers. It will empower your temporary employee and save time if they are not interrupting you to ask questions frequently.
  • Review performance regularly.Like any other employee, performance reviews help temporary hires to better understand their position.

Taking on these tasks, it can help your new temporary employee to flourish. If you’re in the market to hire a temporary worker, reach out to the employment professionals at ADAM Personnel so we can help you find your candidates.

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Why Branding is Important for Bringing in Top Talent

BrandingWiteboardEmployment branding – It’s different from company branding, yet it communicates a message to others about your company. It focuses on managing how potential employees, stakeholders and current employees think of your company’s culture and your workplace management.

Why Create an Employment Branding Strategy?

First and foremost a strong and positive employment brand can, and often does, attract strong candidates who are good assets in the long run.  Applicants pay attention to how your company is known. If your employees are happy, that knowledge can spread to the outside world, creating buzz for your company among jobseekers and even those who are currently employed.Bringing your company positive attention without spending money to do it is just one of the perks of a strong employment brand.

How to Improve Your Employment Brand

If you want to strengthen your employment brand, it’s good to have a strategy. Here are a few simple steps, you can improve the way your company is perceived.

  • Ask your employees what attracted them to their current position, and what makes them want to stay.  This information can help you to determine just how to make some changes to help you stand out as an employer of choice.
  • Survey your workplace culture. Determine what sets you apart and turn that into a message you can use with the public – on your web site, in your recruitment and job advertisements.
  • Enlist brand experts.When you’ve made changes, put your marketing professionals to work creating a campaign to raise awareness of your new branding strategy.  Don’t be afraid to shout it from the rooftops when you create a strong employment brand.

At ADAM Personnel, we can help you to pinpoint areas you can change or work with you to attract strong candidates with your new branding strategy. Contact us today.

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3 Ways to Align Your Resume to the Job You Are Applying For

Resume-pictureIf you are a job seeker, the first time a human resources professional will notice you is usually going to be on paper. While there are a number of things that they are going to looking for, you can basically boil it down to whether or not they see you as a good fit, both for the position and for the company in general. If your resume doesn’t really communicate why you would be a good fit for the position you are applying for, then chances are good that you will get passed up.

While you may know that you are a good match for the job, if your resume is too general and doesn’t really hone in on relevant skills and experience, a recruiter will not see that. Here are a few tips to help you align your resume to the job that you are applying for and give you an extra edge.

  1. Customize your objective to match the job title.If you say you’re a writer looking for new experiences, that’s not going to stand out as well when you’re interviewing with a television station who wants a news writer. Look at the job description and use the same title that the employer uses – it shows that you’re truly interested in the job they have to fill.
  2. Highlight your skills that match the job near the top of the resume. Look at the list of requirements that are required for the position and then list the skills and experiences that you have that best match those.
  3. Format your article so that it fits in with the company you are applying for. The words on a resume aren’t the only thing that communicated information to a hiring manager/HR professional. By formatting resume to something that is appropriate to the company, and perhaps similar to its own branding, you help create a sense of “fitting in.”

If you’ve done these things to make your resume more noticeable to hiring managers, that’s a great step. To help give you an added edge, here are some additional ways you can market yourself to interviewers. If you need additional help finding a position, contact us at ADAM Personnel.

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Is It Time to Give Up Trying to Fill a Job Opening?

ID-10082397It’s not uncommon to struggle with filling a position for so long that you begin to lose hope you will ever find a decent candidate. While you’re not rushing the hiring process, you’re still not making any apparent headway. In this situation, it’s important not to give up, but instead consider whether your tactics are to blame. It’s possible that with a shift in your hiring tactics, you might find an applicant who is perfect for the job.

Five Tips to Jump Start a Stalled Recruitment Process

  1. Re-Evaluate Your Hiring Criteria. It’s possible that your hiring criteria – the experience and skills you’re seeking may be limiting your results more than you realize.
  2. Revise Your Job Description.If you examine your job posting and revise it slightly, you may find that candidates you haven’t interviewed just might apply. Poorly written job descriptions can turn off potential applicants or even attract the wrong individuals to your job opening.
  3. Find Out About Your Company’s Reputation. If the word on the street is that your company isn’t great to work for, that won’t bring applicants. You want to know what the public is saying and if you have to, make changes that candidates can appreciate.
  4. Consider an Applicant Who Can Be Trained.If you’ve been focusing on the experience of your applicants and have come away frustrated and unable to find someone with the exact qualifications, don’t give up. This is where you might want to hire an individual who may not have the exact qualifications but who shows strong potential for training.
  5. Hire a Staffing Agency to Find Candidates.A staffing agency has access to a large number of job seekers with a wide range of skills. Agencies focus on screening processes and can often think outside the box when it comes to applicant recruitment. These professionals might find candidates that your tactics aren’t reaching.

If you’re not ready to give up on hiring the right employee to fill your vacant position, we can help match applicants to your open position. Contact us today.

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Are Your Interview Processes Actually Helping Bad Applicants?

interview processInterviews can be a great tool when you want to learn about an applicant’s skills, personality and goals. But, if you’re not careful, utilizing the wrong kind of interview questions and methods can make bad applicants look like your next star. Here is how to tell if you interview processes are actually helping poor applicants and hurting your business.

Processes that Might Give Bad Candidates an Edge

  • Unstructured Interviews.When you have a certain goal in mind – like having specific information that you want to obtain – an unstructured interview may not be the best choice. For some applicants, this type of interview can help them cultivate likeability and camouflage a lack of skill or experience.
  • Multiple Choice Skills Tests. In some cases, hiring managers use skills tests as part of an interview to determine if an applicant’s skill level is appropriate.  If you’re using a multiple-choice skills test though, there are individuals who can pass them with flying colors and still not have the personality or likeability necessary to work in a collaborative environment.
  • Group Interviews. There are situations where group interviews are appropriate, but these are tricky to manage. Group interviews can be stressful for applicants and can throw them far enough outside their comfort zone that even the most qualified of applicants is distracted and wondering if they’re being judged by not only the interviewer, but by everyone else in the room.

Improving Your Hiring Processes

Ideally you should be using structured interviewsto help you weed out poor applicants. Focused questions are much more likely to help you determine which candidate is right for the job.

If you’re looking for help in creating the appropriate structured interview for a specific position, reach out to the professionals at ADAM Personnel  for some advice.  We can help you tailor questions to get the information and results you desire from your interviews.

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