Why Is It Better to Turn to Recruiting Companies to Find Your Next Mid-High Level Employee?

recruiting companies, recruiting firms, hiring processWhy should you consider exploring recruiting firms and enlisting their help and experience before you staff your next upper level position? Here’s a short list of considerations.

  1. First, hiring is expensive at any level. The cost involved in sourcing, targeting, screening and onboarding candidates can be prohibitive for some firms, especially in terms of time. If you’re running as fast as you can every day and your resources are maxed out with the effort of keeping your company afloat, you probably don’t have time for each of the meticulous steps it takes to sort talented candidates from a broad, non-specific pool. Experience recruiting firms have gone through this process so many times, they’ve found ways to maximize both accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Hiring is risky. With cost of training and the level of responsibility and trust you place in your upper level employees, you simply can’t afford an avoidable misstep. Great recruiting firms help mitigate the risk with a rigorous screening and pre-selection process.
  3. Hiring takes connections. Great hiring requires a wide network of established contacts across multiple industries. You may not have access to the depth and breadth of connections it takes to find the perfect candidate, but professional recruiting firms do. Years in the business can simplify the pathways to success.
  4. Hiring means reading between the lines. And this takes experience. Recruiting firms have the tools, research, and know-how to spot red flags and subtle signs that indicate a high likelihood of candidate success. Here at ADAM Personnel, we take careful steps to match the position with the candidate by listening closely to employer needs and then reviewing each candidate’s credentials and personal goals during our own pre-screening interviews and resume database searches.

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