When it Comes to Law Firm Staffing, Experience Counts

law firm staffing, staffing agencyThere are a great many people who work behind the scenes at a law firm in order to keep it going. paralegals, legal assistants, office managers, law clerks, and various other individuals help to keep a law firm running smoothly and effectively. When it comes to staffing a law firm there is the temptation to hire people from other industries to fill some of the open support positions. They are generally easier to find and often are less expensive, at least up front. The problem with this approach is that it can lead to a variety of challenges that ultimately make it more expensive for your firm and will potentially lead to a decrease in the quality of the work. Should you looking into law firm staffing in NYC and have positions that need to be filled then please consider the following reasons why you should hire individuals with actual law firm experience.

For Paralegals, Certification Always Helps

If you are looking for paralegals there are a number of benefits that you get with experience. An experienced paralegal will have their certification and therefore has gone through extensive training. It also means that they are career minded, which is beneficial because it means you know a certified paralegal is looking to grow with your firm and is less likely to leave. This means you are less likely to spend more money later on training a replacement.

Sacrificing Time for Money

When it comes to other positions within your law firm, such as legal secretaries and office managers, the benefit of having prior experience in law is that it results in less time with training. You may be able to get people without experience for a smaller salary, but you will end up spending more time with training and it will take longer to reach a high level of quality. In this scenario, you are essentially exchanging your money and paying for it in time. By finding applicants who have prior law firm experience you know that they can get up to speed faster and will have better quality work right off the bat.

Should you have some difficulty finding applicants with law experience in New York City, then you should get in touch with ADAM Personnel. We have a great deal of experience with law firms staffing and can get you well qualified applicants with law experience. Please check out our contact page in order to get ahold of us.

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