Why You Need a NYC Legal Staffing Agency

legal staffing agency, staffing agency nycThere are a number of possible reasons why a law firm may consider using a legal staffing agency to find legal staff for temporary or direct-hire positions. Temporary staff may be needed for a particular case, or to fill temporary vacancies due to vacations, extended leaves for illness or military duty. Whether seeking to fill a legal staff position on a temporary or permanent basis, working with a legal staffing agency in NYC can be beneficial for your law firm.

Simplify the process

A legal staffing agency can simplify the process of finding and recruiting qualified, experienced legal staff. The process of advertising a position, screening applicants, conducting interviews, verifying credentials and references, and ultimately hiring a new legal staff member can be complex and time consuming. Working with a legal staffing agency can simplify this process for your law firm.

Screening candidates

An agency will screen candidates to save your law firm considerable time, effort, and money. Working with an agency allows your law firm to take advantage of the staffing agency’s screening and interviewing expertise.

A NYC agency knows the area

A local, legal staffing agency knows the area and can deliver results not possible by agencies without a local connection. Working with an experienced agency allows your law firm to take advantage of the resources and connections already developed by a local staffing agency.

Large pool of candidates

A local agency will have a large pool of qualified candidates which can speed up the process of finding the ideal legal staff for your law firm. A NYC legal staffing agency may even have a candidate ready for you to interview.

Quality legal staff

A legal staffing agency that specializes in recruiting legal staff will be better able to provide quality legal staff than a general staffing agency that does not have extensive experience working with law firms. A NYC legal staffing agency is in the best position to find quality legal staff for your office.

Save your firm money

Working with a NYC based agency can also save the hiring firm money in the long-run as the staffing agency is positioned to find top-notch legal staff. The hiring process itself can be expensive, but hiring the wrong employee can be more expensive yet.

You can expect a process that saves your law firm time, money, and hassle when you work with a NYC legal staffing agency. Working with a legal staffing agency is the best way to find top-notch legal staff for your law firm.

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