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The Most Cost Effective Ways of Attracting Top Talent to Your Organization

ID-100109212It can be a lot harder for small to medium sized businesses to attract top talent, especially when it comes down to a recruiting budget. This can often leave them at a disadvantage when compared to larger companies. In order to find and bring in talented applicants without breaking the bank, there are a number of things that you can do.

Review your internal processes. Does your business have an exciting vision you can “sell”? Are you open to retired people coming out of retirement? Other ways to attract top-tier candidates include offering flexible schedules, telecommuting, working from home, letting …

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Is it You or Them – How to Determine Why a Temp is Struggling

StrugglingIf your temp is struggling, you should not necessarily assume that it is their fault. Sometimes the blame can be placed on your business’ own internal practices. To determine where the problem lies, ask yourself the following questions.

Are your company’s processes straightforward or are they hard for an outsider to understand?
Solution: Review these processes and make adjustments if necessary. You can ask recent hires and temps how easily they got up to speed, how they would rate these processes and any feedback. Look for jargon in materials and unclear or missing descriptions of job functions. Ensure that the …

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How Long Should It Take to Know if A Temp Would Make a Great Full Timer?

human resourcesHow long it takes your business to know if a temp would make a great full timer varies depending on the temp and on other factors such as your company’s situation and on-boarding practices. In general, however, you should have a good idea within four to eight weeks. Here’s why:

1. How the temp fits with the business and other workers

Four to eight weeks generally is enough time for you to determine how well a temp meshes with the business and with other staffers. It is enough time for the temp to have gotten over most of his …

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The HR Policies That May be Keeping Great Talent Away From Your Business

HR Policies Social media and sites such as Glassdoor create greater transparency when it comes to your internal hiring practices. This can really complicate things for your business if it has HR policies that could potentially scare off top talent or are simply outdated. Here are some of these potential policies and ways to counteract them.

1. Excessive travel requirements

Many jobs require travel, and that is usually fine. However, there may come a point where business travel crosses from standard into overload territory. Employees have seen only snatches of their families here and there and they have traveled so much …

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Is Your Business Experiencing a Skill Gap? Invest More into Hiring and Training

8485378303_1a46569cf8_zBersin by Deloitte’s Corporate Learning Factbook 2014 makes several important findings indicating that businesses beginning to pick up steam in this better economy should invest not just in regular resources, but in people as well. Three stats first:

Spending by U.S. businesses on corporate training grew by 15 percent in 2013 (the most in seven years).

This increase comes on the heels of 10 percent growth in 2011 and 12 percent growth in 2012.

“Capability gaps” are cited as a top-five challenge by more than 70 percent of businesses.

More Training Equals More Company Confidence

These stats matter because they …

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