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How to Say No to a Strong, Well Qualified Applicant

say-no-to-applicantIn the current job market, it is not unusual to be inundated with hundreds –or thousands – of resumes for one open position. Once you whittle through the stack and begin interviewing, your hope is to find the one perfect fit for your company. Occasionally, two well-qualified candidates make the short list and while you have to choose one, you don’t necessarily want to bun the bridge with the other.

Should You Just Say No?

When you have two strong applicants for one position, you might want to make an offer to the second applicant in the future. Simply telling …

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Behavior-Based Interviewing and How it is Effective

Increase your chances of hiring the strong employees with behavior based interviewing Continue reading

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Supportive Communication: Build Trust by Showing Support for Your Staff Members

For several reasons, effective communication can have a defining impact on to the success of any business. First, even when responsibilities are clearly delineated, almost no task in the modern business world is completed by one person alone. Second, the data and facts that inform our decisions are becoming increasingly complex, and the better this information is shared, the more likely we are to attain our goals. Finally, jobs in an earlier era may have depended on simple task acquisition and execution, but in the information economy, there are as many ways to approach a goal as there are personalities …

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Focus on Resilience: How to Recover from a Terrible Hiring Decision

So you’ve made a terrible hiring decision. How should you plan your next move? Continue reading

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Temporary Staffing: Can it Help Your Company Survive during Difficult Times?

Temporary staffing solutions may help companies cut back on risk and expenses during a challenging economic climate. Can temporary employees help keep your business on track? Continue reading

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