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Should You Accept a Less-than-Perfect Offer?

The temptation to accept any job offer, even a questionable one, can be very strong when we’re out of work. After all, we all need to make a living, and no job represents a lifelong, binding commitment. According to the logic that sometimes governs this decision, we can always accept the position and continue to search on the side. And if something better comes along, we can just make a graceful exit. All’s well that ends well. Right?

Not always. There are a few common reasons why we become tempted by imperfect job offers. Here are some considerations for each …

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Social Media and the Job Search: What Hiring Managers Should Know

Plenty of internet ink has been spilled over the topic of social media profiles and their influence on the job search. Much of this discussion has been focused on job seekers, and experts can offer candidates endless advice on how to adjust their social media profile settings and what to do if potential employers ask them for online profile access. 

But how do social media issues and online profiles affect hiring managers? If your hiring managers are sifting through applications and looking for ways to use social media to move the search process forward, they should take a few considerations …

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Role of the Administrative Assistant

Oftentimes in my staffing firm candidates will ask “What exactly does an administrative assistant do?” 

I am sure I cannot do justice to those who work in the field, but let me share some thoughts. 

First, the term administrative assistant took its root in Latin: administratio, “to give service.” The profession of administrative assistant (and in some firms called executive assistant) has come to be relied on heavily by top executives. An administrative assistant helps and keeps their offices as well the executive they are assisting organized. Oftentimes the administrative assistant is the liaison between internal staff, outsiders, …

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Networking: Overcome Your Shyness

Networking is an essential business practice and is
recognized as a common buzzword in every career field imaginable. But what is
it, exactly? And how can you put this practice to work for you, especially if
you’re shy or don’t feel surrounded by anything you would readily call

Networking can be defined as follows: The act of engaging
socially with colleagues and associates in an effort to expand one’s career
opportunities. The principle behind the practice is simple. We’re willing to do
more for people we know. Those who know you socially will be inclined to help
you when …

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Volunteering: Advice for Job Seekers

If you find yourself unemployed after having worked full
time for years, volunteering may provide an excellent way to make use of your
sudden bounty of free time. Volunteer work may also take the edge off of a
pervasive sense of aimlessness or anxiety. There’s nothing better than finding
a constructive outlet for excess time and restless energy. Besides, time is
money, and if you aren’t using yours, you may as well donate it to a worthy
cause. Right?

Right. But volunteering, while generally an excellent idea
for everyone, warrants a few special considerations for the unemployed. If
you’re out …

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